About Me

I was born with a plastic spork in my mouth.

Some other things -

What is a Skate Ambassador?

I build relationships with rinks, coaches and individuals.

I promote skating, by discussion, demonstration and networking.

"Here, you learn what it is to be human. You are a creator of order, of beautiful shapes and systems, an organizer of chaos.” - Dune

How I got in to Ice Skating -

When I was 13.  My first girlfriend, right after accepting my, "Would you go steady with me?"  said - OK you will meet me at the ice rink Friday night.

My first date consisted of me putting on rental figure skates. Then my girlfriend and her friend pulled me aroud backwards by my belt loops.

Then I fell. Some kids that were regulars sprayed me with ice and made fun of me.

I decided I would someday get even with them.

Next I started skating Friday and Saturday nights 8 pm - 12 am every weekend.

Eventually, I made friends with the guys that had sprayed me with ice, and I got even with them too. I forged life long relationships at the rink.  

For many years as life changed I remained involved with ice skating.

After a foot injury I stopped ice skating for a few years.  While I maintained daily walking, my over all activity had slowed down.

When Covid hit I became even less active and l moved even less. Then one day my Doctor told me it was time to start getting out and exercising again. I started walking again but I was inconsistent.

By chance I stopped by a local holiday rink.  Just to check it out. I saw a young man working on freestyle stunt skating just like me and my friends used to.

We struck up a conversation with him and agreed to meet up when I had my skates with me.

This kick started both Hockey Skating and eventually Speed Skating for me.

Thank you Nick!

Athletics -

As a kid, we, my family and I were part of the birth of bicycle motocross.

From the age of 5, I was involved with bike racing. This required working out and nightly practicing.I quit racing bikes when I was 15.  

I started Ice Skating when I was 13.  

In high school I took track and applied the same principles,  when I wasn't working at my job at a local bicycle shop.  

When I was 16, I started working at the Renaissance Faire.  That included carrying and hiking with a 35 pound prop.

In my late 20's, I was in a motorcycle accident that left my right knee broken.

In my early 30's unseen damage allowed my knee to hyper extend froward while hiking in a forest. After having my knee rebuilt I always experinced pain when skating.  

One day a girlfriend asked me if I had ever considered trying a walking marathon. Training for a marathon caused many problems with my right knee.  Eventually though, I'd say I wore out the pain.

Extreme workouts still cause swelling in my right knee.

The farther I go, the stronger and better it gets.